I can be reached by email at brian (at) brianfloca.com.


Sometimes it's hard to know when email from an unfamiliar address is spam or not. Such are the times in which we live! It would help me to realize that your email is not from a pharmaceutical-pushing robot if you please include Mail from brianfloca.com in the subject heading. Thank you.


School visits: If you're interested in a school visit or conference presentation, please click here for more information. For a listing of currently scheduled public events and conference appearances, please click here.


Review copies: If you're a reviewer and need a review copy of an Atheneum/Simon & Schuster title, please contact ChildrensPublicity (at) simonandschuster.com.


Donations: Occasionally I receive requests to donate a book for an auction or  other fundraiser. I appreciate the idea that my books might help a good cause! Like all authors and illustrators, though, I receive a limited number of my own books from my publishers, and those often go quickly to family and friends. I regret that I therefore don't always have enough spare books at hand to accommodate all donation requests.


Writing/illustrating: If you’re interested in the field of children’s books, links to information and resources that I hope will be helpful are here.