HAWK RISING, by Maria Gianferrari


Coming June, 2018


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Roaring Brook Press


A ruffle of feathers, a shadow gliding through the backyard. High above your house, Father Hawk circles, sharp eyes searching for prey. Swoosh! He dives after chipmunks, crows, sparrows, squirrels. Screech! The sun hangs low in the sky as three hungry chicks wait. Will they eat today?


Kirkus Reviews:


“A male red-tailed hawk leaves a nest full of hatchlings to scout a suburban neighborhood for prey….[T]he terse narrative vividly captures both the weary vigil’s length and its abrupt moments of mortal drama…. Alternating the perspective from ground level to high overhead, Floca depicts the majestic raptor with painterly magnificence, giving its variegated plumage a soft, even shaggy look that renders the climactic flashes of its massive black talons positively electrifying. The hunt finally comes to a decisive but gore-free culmination with the hawk “grabbing” a squirrel and winging off to the nearby nest. The author closes with two pages of additional facts and leads to further information. An absorbing reminder that we need never look far to see wild, beautiful nature." Full review here.