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An Author Studies guide to nonfiction authors (including me).


"Pen, Ink, Watercolor, Repeat." I write about using pen, ink, and watercolor for the Horn Book Magazine's Studio Views series. February 19, 2014.


A video from the Brooklyn Public Library about working in Brooklyn, with a look at Locomotive in progress. October 22, 2010.


"Kids' books: Author, illustrator Brian Floca's career has him over the moon," by Karen MacPherson, Scripps Howard News Service, February 26, 2010.


"Talking with Brian Floca," by Jeanette Larson, Book Links, November, 2008.


"Continuing Tale: City of Light, City of Dark." On his blog, Avi recounts the beginnings of the graphic novel City of Light, City of Dark, which he wrote and which was my first work as a book illustrator, way back yonder in the year of 1993. January 7, 2014.