Download a curriculum guide (PDF) from Simon & Schuster,  here.


MOONSHOT NOTES, about details in the drawings, is here.


From Professor Myra Zarnowski and Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing (PDF): Launching Nonfiction Author Studies: A focus for teaching the Common Core State Standards with books by Brian Floca — including Moonshot, Lightship, and Locomotive. (The full Launching Nonfiction Author Studies guide, featuring a dozen S&S nonfiction authors, is here.)


Read about Moonshot and Common Core State Standards in Marc Aronson and Susan M. Bartle’s School Library Journal article, “Wondering how to put Common Core into practice? It’s easier than you think.”


"Kids' books: Author, illustrator Brian Floca's career has him over the moon," by Karen MacPherson, Scripps Howard News Service, February 26, 2010.


Audio: A brief introduction to Moonshot at


Read more about the Apollo program on the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum's web site, here.


Watch a five-minute tour of the Moon from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center on YouTube, here, featuring footage from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.


If you have an iOS device, check out the app Moon Globe, a way to see (and spin) the moon, from different angles, distances, and in different lighting. A free version and a slightly higher resolution, 99¢ version are available.


YouTube trailers for the book are here and here. Read blog posts about Moonshot here.


For a high resolution JPEG of the book's cover, click here.