I work in a spacious, well organized, and uncluttered studio in Brooklyn, New York, that I am lucky to share with three talented friends, Sophie Blackall, Doug Salati, and Rowboat Watkins.


(Studio mates emeritus include John Rocco, John Bemelmans Marciano, Edward Hemingway, Sergio Ruzzier, and Jessica Olien.)


More online about the studio: Betsy Bird visited us in 2011, as the original cast was just settling in, and wrote about the visit for her blog A Fuse #8 Production, here. Robin Rosenthal and Liz Starin visited in 2013 and posted about the visit on their blog Pen & Oink, here. Publishers Weekly reported on a bookseller visit to the studio, organized as part of BookExpo America 2013, in an article here. All of those write-ups were a while ago now, but they seem to have answered everyone's questions.


Disclaimer: Photo may not reflect current studio layout or condition.